I am currently working on two major projects. The YA dark fantasy series, REDEMPTION’S HEIR, chronicles the adventures of (our friend) Sean Wyndham in the universe of the Cthulhu Mythos. The “small-scale” epic fantasy series, THE RIVER, features mayhem and intrigue in the world of Kyras.


SUMMONED (Book One of REDEMPTION'S HEIR, coming from Tor Books, 2014)

Real magic can be real trouble, as fifteen-year-old Sean Wyndham learns when he encounters the Reverend Redemption Orne online. Orne claims to be a wizardly survivor of the 1692 New England witch panic, and he offers Sean a ritual to summon a powerful familiar. When the ritual works, Sean is left with a monstrous Servitor whose appetite threatens to escalate from neighborhood pets to random humans. Getting rid of it isn't as easy as emailing Orne for the counter spell. Orne has been testing Sean to see if he'll make a good apprentice. Now he proposes a second test: Sean must find the dismissing ritual himself.



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