Yeah, so.  This was supposed to be my website.  You know, with my name prominently featured.  However, I made the mistake of hiring a fictional character to design the site, and even though he owes his very existence to me, he's insisted on putting himself front and center.  Well, top and left to be exact, and in a much bigger font.  No problem, Sean.  I still love you, and I'm sure your projected serial, The Lair of the Shoggoth Mage, will be a big hit.  Guillermo del Toro called me to ask when you could do lunch with him about the film adaptation, but no pressure.

Anyhow, welcome to ANNE M. PILLSWORTH'S site!
  Like that font size, Sean?

Oh, and before Sean tries to take credit for the ominous picture above, it was taken by that excellent Rhode Island photographer of cloudscapes, Charles J. Arouth.  Sunset over Narragansett, shortly before a visitation by Nyarlathotep, who stopped by Aunt Carrie's for the fisherman's platter and a margarita or three.
Me & Cthulhu, no Sean in sight